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If you are new to Yoga Bungalow, please complete and submit a new student form before attending a class. Link for New Student Form. Thank you.


8am - 9am: Mindful Flow with Tam

Note: This class will not be held during September 10th - October 1st.

Meeting ID:   883 7176 3826  Passcode:  683 364

Zoom link:

​10:30am-11:45am: Gentle Yoga with Deb Coats

Meeting ID:  850 9424 3950   Passcode:  779 679

Zoom link:


9am-10:15am:  Mindful Flow with Julie Seals  

Meeting ID: 835 8550 8311  Passcode:  116 706

Zoom link:

10:30am-11:45am:  Yoga for Stiff People with Tam 

Meeting ID:   847 2656 6249  Passcode:  554 468

Zoom link:



7:45am-9am:  Mindful Flow with with Tam

Meeting ID:  883 0626 1011   Passcode:  812 812

Zoom Link:

10:30am-11:45am: Stretch & Strengthen with Tam

Please have handweights and stretchy bands for this class.

Meeting ID:  842 8785 8591   Passcode:  040 280

Zoom Link:

4-5pm:  Yoga in Nature (at a private residence in SJC with Tam)   Click to register. $10/class. 



8:00am-9:00am:  Mindful Flow with Julie Seals

Meeting ID:  828 9443 5177  Passcode:  430 667

Zoom Link:


5:00pm-6:00pm:  Angelic Gentle Yoga with Deb Coats

Experiencing the body, breath and Angelic Realm.  

An insightful intuitive experience working with the Angelic realm for love, clarity and healing

Meeting ID:  853 1257 9481  Passcode:  536 929

Zoom link:



7:45am-9am: Mindful Flow with Tam

Meeting ID:  856 8016 5713  Passcode:  278 300

Zoom Link: 


10:30am-11:45am:  Yoga for Stiff People & Therapeutics w/Tam

Meeting ID:  893 9207 6234   Passcode:  106 035

Zoom link:



9am-10:15am: Move Gently, Relax Deeply with Julie Seals 

Gentle movment, yoga poses with guided meditation and/or breathwork to relax the nervous system.

Meeting ID:  860 8925 4245  Passcode:  803 261

Zoom link:


10:30-11:30am:  Tai Chi for Beginners with Tam (outdoors), click to register

Note: 9/30/2023 - Class is cancelled due to 40-60% chance of rain.

Note: Please sign up by 10pm on Friday evening, if you are new to this class

Located at a private residence in SJC with Tam.  $10/class

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