All of our classes are on a drop in basis. 

There is no need to sign up ahead of time. 

updated on 1/15/2020


9:15am-10:30am:  active beginners - David Turner

10:45am-12:00pm: yoga for stiff people -  Carol Morrell

6:30pm-7:45pm:  mindful core flow* - Tam Nguyen

(*Bring in a friend for free. Must live or work locally.)


9:00am-10:30am: yoga flow (intermediate/strong beginners) (1.5hrs) - Tam Nguyen

10:45am-12:00pm: beginner- Tam Nguyen

4:15pm-5:30pm:  healthy back/therapeutics + ball therapy - Tam Nguyen


7:45am-9:00am:  Align Refine + Shine (intermediate/strong beginner) - Elyse Froehlich

9:15am-10:30am:  Yoga for Stiff  People - Carol Morrell

10:45am-12:00pm: Yoga for Stiff People -  Carol Morrell

5pm-6:15pm:  gentle + restorative-  Deb Coats

6:30pm-7:45pm:  gentle beginners - Deb Coats


9:15am-10:30am: mindful core flow, all levels - Tam Nguyen

10:45am-12:00pm:  healthy back/therapeutics + ball therapy  - Tam Nguyen

6:30-7:45pm:  stretch + yoga nidra (guided relaxation)* - Tam Nguyen

(*Bring in a friend for free. Must live or work locally.)


9:15am-10:30am: beginner  - Julie Seals

10:45am-12noon:  yoga for stiff  people/chair adaptable  - Tam Nguyen


6:30-8pm (1.5 hr):  NOTE:  Healing Kundalini+Sound Bath/ Breathwork with Dana Patterson will resume on Friday, Feb. 7. Please pay Dana directly for her class through Venmo, Meetup or in person. $15/ $11 for yoga teachers.


9:15am-10:30am: Align Refine + Shine  (intermediate/strong beginner) - Elyse Froehlich

11am - 12:15pm:  yoga therapeutics + restorative - Tam Nguyen


9:00am-10:30am:   yoga flow* (intermediate/strong beginner) (1.5hrs) - Tam Nguyen

(*Bring in a friend for free. Must live or work locally.)

10:45am-12:00pm:  gentle beginners - Deb Coats 

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