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Tips for a Wonderful Yoga Class 



Please arrive on time. If you are running late, enter class silently so as not to disturb your fellow yogis.


Please turn off your cell phone. (Better yet, leave it in the car.)


Stay for the whole class.  "Savasana" - the final relaxation pose is the best part of class.  If you must leave early, let your teacher know before the start of class and set up your mat near the door.


Please remove your shoes before entering the studio space.  There are shelves by the entrancel where you can leave your shoes.


Avoid using strong smelling perfumes and lotions before taking class.


Be open to create space for your fellow yogis when necessary.


Respect the space, respect the studio, your fellow yogis, and of course respect yourself!



We have created a community where practitioners of all levels and backgrounds feel welcome.  Come join us on your mat! Namaste.


Senior Yoga Class
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