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Tam Nguyen, co-founder

Tam and her husband Steve opened the Yoga Bungalow in January 2004. She has studied with Erich Schiffmann, Tracey Rich and Ganga White at the White Lotus Foundation, Arun Deva, Nischala Joy Devi, Jill Miller (Yoga Tune Up® certification ), Rolf Sovik (Himalayan Institute), Jack Kornfield (Spirit Rock). She is currently studying with yoga therapist, Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. She strives to be of service, continues to learn and share the delight and healing magic of yoga. She mixes an interesting blend of alignment, therapeutic flow, and mindfulness. Tam's classes are eclectic and light hearted in nature, where you'll unwind the body, rest the mind and re-connect with your divine spirit.  She is a certified Yoga Tune Up®  instructor. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 hour level. She is also a Reiki master.  In her free time she loves to garden, read and go on long hikes/walks.

carol morrell.jpg

Carol Morrell

Carol has been practicing for 30+ years, teaching for 27 years, and still considers herself a beginner. She has taught in ashrams, meditation centers, retreat sites and studios in New York, California, and India. Ten years of that span she taught yoga to seniors at Del Webb's Sun City, Palm Desert, CA. Align, pose. Realign, repose. Use your muscles and your mind. Awareness in every pore of the skin. "Yoga is a journey - a path that never ends - that's why we call it practice!"

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David Turner

David began using some yoga postures to stretch before sporting activities like, mountain biking, hiking, skiing or playing ball. In 2006, he took his first yoga class at a studio and loved it. Over the next few years he noticed as have others, how doing and practicing yoga seemed to bring him much more pleasure than work in the IT field which he was in. He talked about wanting to teach for a while and finally decided, after having hip surgery (2008), and with a lot of loving support, to move forward to take and complete his 200-hour certification in 2012 and subsequently completing his 300-hour certification in 2015 at the Yoga Bungalow. When guiding, a yoga practice David always feels hopeful, because he believes that all changes begin with the smallest of movements or steps and that anyone who decides to undertake any form of yoga practice is open to and looking for some form of positive change in his or her life. David loves the fact that whenever someone takes part in the practice of yoga no matter the level or the type of practice they get to enjoy all of the benefits of yoga. He is currently studying Yoga Therapy with Amy Wheeler, Ph.D.



Deb Coats

Deb found yoga at the age of 40 and overnight it transformed her life into one of love and wellness.   For Deb, yoga is a sacred journey into the soul.  As a Creative Intuitive Yoga Wellness Guide, she combines many yoga pathways into her teachings.  She is a CYT500hr Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Teacher®, Certified Specialties in Yin Yoga, Trauma, Addiction and Pain Management, as well as a Reiki Master, Meditation and Intuitive Guide.  Deb is a devotee of Kundalini Yoga and in constant study of Ayurveda.  Deb guides a soft, loving and creative yoga practice. Her passion is in sharing the complete journey of yoga, helping others connect to the four subtle bodies of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual; coming home to a full circle of wellness and love.  Deb also guides weekend retreats, sound healing events and special ladies’ events. To read more about Deb, please visit her at


Julie Seals

Julie received her 200 hour certification with Yoga Bungalow in 2014.  She has been practicing yoga for three years now.  Julie has lived with general anxiety most of her life and started having panic attacks.  She found herself in a yoga studio looking for something natural to help her heal.  Yoga has taught her to be in the present moment and how being aware of the breath can bring balance to the body and mind.  She love yoga and is so passionate about it that it will always be a part of her life.  She has received so much from yoga that she wants others to experience it as well.    She believes that once you start challenging yourself on the mat and getting out of your comfort zone then you will do it off of the mat as well.  Teaching yoga has helped in her own emotional healing.  Julie trained with Yogafit in 2013 and started teaching yoga at the studio she started her journey with.  She volunteered at her son's school and has taught yoga to children and staff.  She is also a TFT (Thought Field Therapy) practitioner.  She believes in having natural tools to help yourself live a peaceful life that everyone deserves and wants to share this with others.  Come be inspired and guided in a loving atmosphere!

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Amy Wheeler, guest instructor

Amy has studied Yoga and Yoga Therapy in India, Europe and the United States.  During the past 18 years, Amy studied extensively in the T. Krishnamacharya Tradition.  On numerous extended trips, she studied at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai, India.  Amy has been certified as a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist Trainer in this tradition, and has completed 2 comprehensive yoga therapy internships at the KYM.  Prior to this, Amy completed teacher training certifications in several internationally popular styles of Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Amy is President of the Board of Directors to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Prior to this, Amy had served on the Board of Directors as Secretary for IAYT for 3 years.  Additionally, she helped to develop and define standards for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists in the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).

Amy is the CEO and founder the Optimal State™ & the Optimal State™ 865 Certified Yoga Therapist Program. She trains yoga teachers and yoga therapists at the 200, 300, 500, 800 and 1000-hour levels.  Amy has authored 14 training manuals, 7 children's books, 3 books of poetry and also 865-hours of curriculum for the Optimal State of Living programs.  She and her husband, George Mantoan, have created hundreds of hours of audio and video courses for health and healing that can be found on  Amy and George are currently working on a mobile App that they hope will change the future of mental health on a worldwide scale.  Stay tuned for this revolutionary mobile App! 

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Arun Deva, guest instructor

Arun Deva, DASc, AYT, E-RYT(500), YTRx is a graduate of the American Institute Of Ayurveda; an Ayur*yoga Therapist and a Vinyasa Krama certified yoga teacher.

The founder of Arunachala Yoga & Ayurveda, Arun has the pleasure of serving both the National & State Ayurvedic Associations: NAMA & CAAM. Currently he heads NAMA’s Committee on creating Standards for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists.

Arun teaches internationally, lectures at conferences, writes articles for different publications, has been featured on both radio and television, and has a clinic for consultations and various treatments including panchakarma and yoga therapy in Los Angeles/West Hollywood. He also teaches the Ayurveda and Yoga modules for many Teacher Training Programs around the world and is Director of Ayurveda at LMU’s YTRx Program.

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