Movement as Play

with Jenn Pilotti, M.S. 

postponed as of 3/14/2020

When you think about movement, do you think of a specific activity that you do (barre, cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit)? Prescriptive movement provides a host of benefits, ranging from the physical to the mental, but one of the things we lose as we enter adulthood is the ability to move creatively and intuitively. Regaining confidence to move in ways that are interesting and inspire curiosity translates into both a sense of autonomy and a renewed interest in the body we inhabit and how it interacts with the environment and each other. Movements will be introduced as a way to spark curiosity and teach you how to approach moving in a more intuitive way using games, partner work, and personal inquiry.


During the course of the workshop, you will learn:

• How to approach moving in a curious way

• Ideas for using task constraints (rules) during your movement practice to foster exploration

• How the environment can be used to develop a sense of creativity and exploration

• Partner games that encourage improvisation and listening

• The power of reflection for learning


This is an interactive workshop that is appropriate for movers of all levels. If you teach movement in a therapeutic or movement setting, you will learn techniques to help clients and students feel grounded and centered without the use of a lot of cueing. If you are a mover, you will learn practical ways to diversify your movement toolbox.

Cost: $140 before March 1st; $160 after.

About Jenn: Jenn owns a thriving personal training studio in Carmel, CA, and is a student of all things movement. She has been exposed to a wide variety of modalities through workshops and certifications and believes strongly in the power of using movement as play to facilitate improved health and wealth being. She is the author of the upcoming book, Body, Mind, Movement. More information about Jenn can be found on her website: