Monthly Breathwork: Shamanic Journey into Breath with Sound & Energy Healing

No breathwork journey in December 2019.

The life force energy combined with conscious breath is a gateway to releasing old trauma and emotions. The magic is in the Breath! Breathwork is an ancient technology using the breath to powerfully draw up old emotions, blocks, and patterns within yourself to surrender to your higher path of healing and consciousness. The breath pattern is created through inhaling powerfully one part of the breath into the belly and one part of the breath into the heart center thus creating a flow of energy that draws up old unspoken words, feelings and beliefs that will be carried out with a powerful exhale through the mouth. Sound and energy healing to assist in clearing and resetting the energy as we release the old.


$35.00 per person


Some benefits found in using the Breathwork practice:

* Detox your nervous system

* Open creative channels

* Create heightened states of consciousness 

* Reduce anxiety and stress

* Stimulate  self healing 

* Clear negative imprints and trauma 

* Self realization, Self-Empowering

* Brings energy and awareness to the body

* Clearing of limiting beliefs and cycles 

* Experience states of pure unconditional love, acceptance and bliss 

Releasing Ceremony Workshop: Leave 2019 Ready and Empowered for 2020

Sunday, December 29, 2019, 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Are you ready to move into 2020 free and clear of energy that held you back in 2019? Join us for this special 4 hour workshop to release the old and make room for the new energy of the year upon us. We will work with breath, movement, sound and ceremony.


Untether yourself from the attachment of the highlights and thought to be pitfalls of the last year. Move with grace into the new year with trust in your inner guidance and true courage to face 2020.


$80.00 pre-paid, $100.00 day of.


****Preregistration is suggested as this event sells out.