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Students' Comments

"It's difficult for me to describe in words all the ways in which my yoga practice has positively impacted my life and specifically practicing at Yoga Bungalow. Yoga has added calm, connection to my body, serenity, strength, and patience I never knew I had. The benefits of my practice at Yoga Bungalow are immeasurable. Because I travel quite a bit, I've had the opportunity to practice at yoga studios across the country and I've yet to find the peace, comfort, and goodwill that I feel at the Bungalow.
As a psychotherapist in private practice, I've recommended yoga to many of my patients as a way for them to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety without medication. I've also recommended the practice--and specifically Yoga Bungalow--to patients who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally violated as a way to reconnect with their bodies and souls in a healthy and impactful way.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Yoga Bungalow and highly recommend it to anyone who cares about becoming more conscious in their lives and bodies."
Dr. Jill Murray--psychotherapist and author,

“I love doing yoga at the Yoga Bungalow. The classes have such diversity and the instructors are inspirational. The studio is warm, clean and safe to expand and connect. Tam offers a first class yoga experience and I will continue to applaud and encourage her future efforts – Thank you Yoga Bungalow!” ~ Jana Samulski, Los Angeles/San Juan Capistrano

“ Michelle & I are really enjoying your yoga studio. It's really great! It's so perfect & nice that it's a smaller group.“ ~ Ann Marabella, San Clemente

“After one class with Josh on Saturday, my constant back ache is gone. It has brought more relief than the chiropractor.” ~Susan Schleede, Dana Point

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Monday night Yoga class. I hate to miss it when I’m traveling, which unfortunately lately has been a lot. I feel so good after class & that stays with me most of the week. I’ve told everyone I know about your Yoga studio & if you ever need a recommendation, I’ll be glad to help with that. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to learn, not just the positions but also a little about the spiritual side of Yoga.” ~ Judy Patterson, San Juan Capistrano

“I look forward to making it to class because the instructors are so talented and helpful. Stress relief was my original goal but I have been happily surprised at how much I have learned about myself in the last 2 years.” ~ Linda Whiteside, San Juan Capistrano

“The Yoga Bungalow is a sacred space for merging of the physical and spiritual self. Thank you.” ~Diane Magaletta, San Clemente

“Yoga is the single best thing I have ever done for myself.” ~Katie Reiss, San Juan Capistrano

“Yoga is the only way I keep balance in my life. I found it great, here in the studio. You guys are fantastic!” ~ Ali Motavaselani, Dana Point

“My experience at the Yoga Bungalow has been absolutely fantastic. I love the peaceful atmosphere of the Bungalow. The front desk people are so friendly and the instructors are awesome. After a yoga session I leave as if I’ve just experienced a one hour full body massage – it always feels so wonderful! ~ Kim Engler, San Juan Capistrano

“Tam’s level 1 yoga class is a miracle! I come in for a 1.5 hour class with upper back pain – I leave with no pain that is sustained for 1 week! Back nirvana! Better than pain shots!” ~Carole Kihano, Laguna Niguel

Tam, today you asked me for my impressions about what the yoga has meant to me and how it could apply to other men. First let me establish the physical condition of the exerciser. I am 70 my next birthday this year; in good physical shape as, I have been an athlete my whole life and work out in the gym 4 days a week, but with age, stiffness is a challenge. With out any reservation, I will say that the yoga is the answer. Your classes are interesting and fun but also challenging for me getting the whole benefit of the stretch. I have a life long hobby called golf; with the stretch of yoga, in your class once a week, my distance has gone up 30%. In a recent tournament, I was surprising myself with the outrageous distance of my driving 300 to 320 yards off the tee. “Thank you, yoga.”  ~­­­­­­­­­Daniel P Mitchell, PresidentKMRJ / 99.5 FM The Heat 


Yoga Bungalow teachers far surpass any others I have experienced.  They are knowledgeable, compassionate, gentle and have a keen sense of each individual’s body/needs.  They carefully tailor and adjust throughout the practice at both an individual and class level.  The best yoga I’ve taken.  I’ve been practicing for 8 years in NY.  The best teachers I’ve had the good fortune to practice with in 8 years!~ Jean Mairano, NY


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