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What is Yoga Therapy? 

“Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga “ IAYT


Yoga Therapy helps people with chronic conditions improve their health and well-being. It can address a wide range of structural, physiological and psychological challenges, including:


- injury recovery

- chronic pain

- joint and back pain

- heart conditions

- diabetes

- arthritis

- fibromyalgia

- digestive conditions

- anxiety and depression

- PTSD, trauma and grief recovery


Yoga Therapy is a customized healing practice, and is based on individual evaluation and assessment. It draws from both evidence-based Western medicine and time tested traditional Yoga and Ayurvedic techniques.


The therapist works together with the client to develop a tailored sequence of yoga postures, corrective/therapeutic rehabilitative exercises, breathing and meditation practices, visualization, and life-style and self-care tools. The goal is to improve attitude, regain life functions and improve quality of life, and to enhance your body's capacity to heal. 

Working with a yoga therapist can also complement a client's healing path and assist their other treatments to be more sustainable. 


"I was overwhelmed with what was happening in my life. I had injuries that developed into neck and spinal surgeries. The less agile I became, the more out of shape I became. Losing my coordination, living an unhealthy lifestyle, with too many stressors. 

Naturally/willingly/happily helping others, but didn’t see that it was ME who was in trouble. Post surgeries I was “restricted” from the release that sports/movement always gave me; a slippery slope. How was I going to bring movement into my life again?

Eight years ago, after trying two other studios, a friend in class spoke of The Yoga Bungalow. That is when my life changed. Tam’s sessions work with both body and mind. She was able to open me up to my true self. Feeling safe, uninhibited, and blanketed in positivity, I began the path to wellness. Being taught the practice of mindfulness, being in the present moment is a gift. It will always take practice. Thinking of yourself is not being selfish.

Tam teaches to individuals’ special needs, monitoring carefully (and quietly), yet challenges those who need or want it all at the same time. She is intuitive, calm, organized, creative, caring and dedicated to her practice. 

One could say that Tam saved my life. Eight years have passed since stepping inside of her studio. She has only grown closer to nature and living her authentic healthy self. She’s the real deal. 

Being resourceful and resilient, Tam and Steve (co-founder/husband) have made it possible to carry on with sessions via Zoom during the pandemic. At first I rebelled, knowing nothing about interfacing online. Now I have become comfortable and grateful to be able to continue practice from home."

~ V. C. , Dana Point, CA, Aug. 5, 2020


"Yoga Therapy is not the same thing as taking a yoga class.  Indeed, if you have a serious medical condition, and wander into a randomly chosen class, you could easily wind up worse off than you started...Therapeutic  Yoga tends to be gentle and and nurturing, though it can be challenging.  The approach tends to be hands-on, tailored to the individual based on needs, abilities and responses, as well as the teacher's or therapist's observations and any contraindications.

 ~ From Yoga As Medicine by Dr. Timothy McCall

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$85 for one session (one hour)

$225 for three (one hour) sessions 

$350 for five (one hour) sessions


Please contact if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session. Thank you. 

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